Our love of animals dates from way back. Our adventure with the Sphynx breed started off with the adoption of a beautiful female sphynx. As time passed, our enthusiasm for this fascinating race of cats grew and grew. When we decided to start our own breedery we looked for the most nude females sphynx we could find. We finally discovered our long sought for breeder at our US neighbours. A breeder there entrusted us with two beautiful sphynx females. We wish to thank her here for her trust and her help in permiting us to make our dream come true.
Our goal is to produce the best quality of nude Sphynx cats and to maintain this race free of problems.
 The Sphynx story originates in different time zone from New Mexico to North Carolina. In Canada the Sphynx story started off in 1966 when a domestic cat named Elizabeth gave birth to a completely nude cat named Prune.
This same year the Sphynx breed was considered a new race. Anyhow, the sight of these cats always provokes different reactions and they definitely are sensational. Before they were named Sphynx they wore the name *Nude cat of Mexico* and *Moonstone cats*.
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